Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A great unknown line for November

It is the beginning of November, a month I often find on the grey side. I am working on it though, I will try to cheer up a bit this time. So to start the month on a good note, I thought I would place here a new great unknown line.

So I was walking to work with a colleague who takes the same train. A nice guy, it is always pleasant to chat to him on the way there. Anyway, I was mentioning that the temperature was quite mild for november, and he told me that according to weather forecasts we would have a Siberian cold in two weeks. I replied: "Well, I have been preparing for Siberian cold for the last year, so bring it on!"

It was not merely the bravery of a Northern man, as I have been preparing for the cold winter to come, physically and mentally. Well, I bought a new coat anyway. In any case, I will try to turn this line into an attitude to the months to come.

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