Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hoping for the trains to run late

I think that I don't read enough these days. I spend too much time on the computer maybe, but when I am at home I barely have any energy to do anything else, I lack attention to read much, even though I have a pile of books ready, from crime fiction to real crime history to well, plenty of other things. This week, on a gloomy morning (like most mornings seem to be these days), I was surprised to wish that the train ran late. The last time it happened was a month ago, and I really enjoyed it because I had plenty of time and energy to read. I wouldn't like it on the journey back, obviously, and not on a daily basis, but say an hour of unexpected holiday in the morning would be quite nice.


PJ said...

Si un train en retard à été l'élément déclencheur pour écrire Harry Potter, moi aussi je souhaiterais de voir un train en retard dans l'espoir qu'il m'inspire quelque chose qui me vaille des millions.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a wish granting fairygodmother in the vicinity of your station?...clap your never know:-)