Saturday, 19 November 2011

Handel for shopping

I went to the shop to buy myself clothes (socks) this afternoon, somewhere close, not a big shopping center. Yet I find the experience always tiredsome. I ended up food shopping too, so it was more exhausting and much longer than I expected. I don't like shopping, in sum, except book shopping. But I found this clip on Youtube, which I have decided to put here, which almost makes me at peace with shopping, at least before the Christmas season. Basically, it is a flash mob singing the famous (too famous?) Hallelujah of Handel's Messiah. Sure, it is not the greatest interpretation, but it is still fresh and full of energy, and the source material is obviously much, much, much superior than the usualy rubbish we find in shopping centers usually. And it is the right music for an end of November that is coming into the Christmas season but is not quite there yet.

Now as my readers know I am very much a Godless man. I am fairly sure the singers in this flash mob are not (well, maybe some). But I appreciate the aesthetic and the music. I do not hear angels singing like Handel alledgedly did, but it certainly makes me transcend the mundane and the trivial of a grim shopping afternoon.


tao.owl said...

The music and passion is inspiring; however, being that I am also godless, don't care for large crowds, and hate going to the mall during holidays, I fear that I may have run out the mall exit, in lightning speed, as soon as the first woman with the cell phone stood up to sing. I am such a wimp :-)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful song in an ugly setting. Malls suck, Handel rocks:-)

Louise said...