Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gloomy Monday and banana bread

I blog a day after the events, but I blogged regularly enough this year so far and I try to produce something interesting. I say this and this is both a trivial and food post, both things I do quite often since the beginning of the month. I will try to write something different tomorrow, promise.

Anyway, it was yesterday a dark, grey, cold, gloomy November Monday. Mondays are often gloomy in their nature. Mondays are Hell, in fact. I sat at my desk, changed my password, looked at the amount of work that had piled up over the weekend and almost felt like crying. Well, maybe not crying, but I felt like it was Monday and that my life was grey, grey, grey, that a ton of bricks was falling on me, pick up the cliché you prefer. Everybody else around me had a gloomy face, which never helps putting yourself in a good mood. I went to the kitchen to pick up a cup of tea for my breakfast (I have breakfast at my desk) and a new coworker, native French speaker, was cutting some banana bread her and her daughters (whom I had met two weeks before, when they visited their mum with their daddy) had baked. She generously offered me a slice. I gracefully took it. It made my day.

I just thought about it munching it ravenously: how little you need to change your mood. The banana bread was delicious (I had seconds in the afternoon), but even if it had not been the act of kindness was enough in itself to make this Monday less gloomy.


tao.owl said...

Yummy, banana bread makes me salivate just thinking of it!

suzanne said...

Mondays are insanely busy at my work as well. And yes, I can see how banana bread would help. I put chocolate chips in mine.