Sunday 20 November 2011


It was a foggy day today, from morning until the evening. Actually when night fell, it was still very foggy outside. I have rarely seen such relisient fog. Usually it disappears after a few hours. I love fog, I find it eerie, atmospheric, soothing, beautiful. It doesn't feel as damp as rain either and it certainly has a more striking look. There is also something threatening about it. English fog is a cliché that belongs both to old crime fiction and horror stories, to old fairy tales and fantasy too. Walking in it, you do feel like you are in another time period. Whatever the English reputation about the fog, supposed to be even more typical to the country than the rain, you don't see fog so often, especially so thick and for so long. And since it was Sunday, I could appreciate fully, from the inside of the flat, feeling all warm and cosy, walking out a bit at some point to take a few good snapshots for this blog (I couldn't miss this one with the church). Walking into the fog, I felt in a dreamlike state.It made my day.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is a beautiful photograph! I always find that fog makes everything so muted, and serene. And I seem to think of Sherlock Holmes always sleuthing around fog covered London streets or lonely moors:-)

suzanne said...

Beautiful photograph! I love fog too. Which is a good thing since we get more than our fair share in Halifax.