Friday, 4 November 2011

Italian language and food (again)

I am blogging again about Italy, Italian language and about Italian food, my second English post in a row. Sometimes circumstances bring me to repeat myself... As for food related blog, for some reason I think there will be more to come. Anyway, I blogged before about the coffee van. It's proper name is Café2U and it seems that it is a fairly big franchise. At first, I thought it was not for me, as I dislike coffee. But they also serve hot chocolate and croissants, and they now also show up in the morning. Which means that as a treat (and extra breakfast), I have croissant and hot chocolate, when I have time to take a short break. I even took a loyalty card (why not, it's free?).

So this morning I went to Café2U to buy my hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows) and my chocolate croissant, which in French is called chocolatine, in English pain au chocolat (go figures)... I asked for a chocolatine, the employees did not udnerstand, so I said a pain au chocolat and while they gave it to me they said that it was in fact a cornetto. And I said my usual line: "Io parlo bene Italiano", etc. And one of the employees was Italian and we spoke a few words! In his mother tongue. I could only say a few words. Then he asked me if I was Italian or just Italian speaker. I am always flattered when one thinks I am Italian, especially when it is an authentic Italian. But sadly the illusion didn't last long. All the same, I will order in Italian next time.

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PJ said...

C'est pain au chocolat dans la plupart des régions de la France aussi. Chocolatine, c'est régional (sud-ouest de la France, Québec et Nouveau-Brunswick apparemment).