Sunday, 6 November 2011

Signs of seasonal changes

I noticed it first today, at the front of the Costa here: they are advertising for Christmas already and their seasonal coffees are being sold. What I noticed as well was that I was not irritated by it, the way I was irritated when I first saw the very first Christmas advert on TV... in September. That gets me grumpy for two months. When November comes, it is fine to start thinking about Christmas. And after all, it was smelling of snow today. growing up, I used to start thinking about Christmas at the first snow, but in this country I need to adjust my mindset.

That said, there are other signs of changing seasons: the night falling so early and so quick, like a thick black curtain, the trees that are now almost bare, the air is chilly and there is a general attitude, some kind of buzz one can feel around, that people are on another mindset. I personally feel the need to hibernate.


Anonymous said...

I went to a mall, something I try to avoid if possible, at the end of September and their Christmas tree was up, and a seat for Santa. Obviously they want children to start compiling long gift lists and inspire a spending frenzy. I have no stomach for marketing at the best of times and I too felt great annoyance. And the madness has just begun. Best you hibernate:-) Ho ho ho!

Cynthia said...

Ils ont déjà commencé à installer les lumières de Noël à Paris, je crois qu'il vont les allumer seulement le 15 novembre par contre.