Sunday, 20 November 2011

First snow in Chicoutimi

As my readers know I long for snow, but there is no snow showing here. Today it is foggy. Still beautiful, stunning even, and I certainly will not complain (pictures to come, hopefully today). But I still miss the snow. My father sent me this morning some pictures: they had their first snow in Chicoutimi. Winter is settling in there. Even though the first snow never lasts, it is still a sign of winter. I thought I'd put this picture on the blog to remind of home.


PJ said...

Normalement à la mi-novembre, la neige à Chicoutimi serait déjà là pour rester. Anyway, tant que décembre gèle, je serai fier et content, aussi bourgeois que ça fasse de moi.

peeking through an open window said...

Looks so cozy. I wouldn't be able to resist a hot cup of tea or cappuccino.