Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cold air

I hope nobody minds a trivial post and another seasonal one. The temperature has been pretty warm for a November month, yet in the evening in cools down a good deal. But it is inside that I feel it the most. It always strikes me every time we get closer to winter: houses in Europe are not very well isolated and in England one has to deal with the wet temperature as well (this is something I often have to explain when I go back home: I do not live in a warm country). I am lucky living in an attic, the heat going up it does not feel so bad, but even here it gets cold easily and at some point in the evening I always feel a shiver. I am not sure if it is not a little bit psychosomatic, but the feeling is the same.

In England, I therefore rediscovered heavy and warm clothes, those old worn out polar fleece jackets I got fifteen years ago (worn every time I read at night), thermal socks, extra blankets, etc. Things that I wear inside way more often than I ever did in Québec. I don't mind as I find them comfortable and being warm is only really a pleasure when you are in a cold environment, when you need to keep warm.

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Anonymous said...

But what about central heating and all that? I remember going to a hotel in London in September and we had to keep the windows open it was so hot and stuffy, and they couldnt turn off our heating. Keep cosy:-)