Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Musing about August

Today we are the first of August. I usually quote a certain epic poem, but not today. I will merely mention the obvious: August is here. I used to dislike the month. Something to do with childhood: it was the last month of the holidays, the last month of summer, August is the month of dread and impending doom. Well, not so much this year. I think I have made peace with the month, almost to the point of liking it. Because I don't go to school anymore, I don't have this feeling of dread. And, while I often have holidays in August, they also start in August now, so it brings a certain anticipation.. And since I have become fed up with summertime and hot weather, I don't dread the month as much as see it as a promise to an autumn to come. I may feel melancholic, but hopefully it will be good melancholia.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i agree! i can't wait for fall but i savor august because i know fall will go by too fast.