Monday, 6 August 2018

"Circle of Death"

I saw yesterday a memory on Facebook dating back from when I used to do Krav Maga, so not so long ago. In one of my instructor's posts, right after our training session, he asked us: "why did I get you to spin around before circle of death?" I do not exactly recall what is the circle of death, but grosso modo from what I remember it is an exercise when you defend yourself against multiple attackers, when they are surrounding you. Hence, you are in the middle of a circle of death. It sounds sinister, but during training it is really exciting. Anyway, here was the answer I posted: "Because in combat situation it is unlikely that the circumstances will be ideal. Especially in group fights. We'd be dizzy, disoriented, maybe intoxicated. So the exercise reflected that. That's my theory anyway." I don't know if this was the exact right answer my instructors, but one of the assistant instructors gave me a Like so I think my idea was not very far off. In any case, I think it deserves to be a new great unknown line. I miss Krav Maga a lot these days. I am not a natural fighter, far from it, but I do have a good analytical mind sometimes. In any case and even not taking into account how useful Krav Maga is, I miss the group and its camaraderie. I really felt like I belonged there.

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