Monday 19 February 2018

Gargoyle holding a candle

I took this picture at my parents' home. This is one of the many gargoyles my brothers and I have. It is not mine specifically, I don't know whose is it, but after all these years, they are more or less a common property. I love all our gargoyles, but this one has something special: it is also a candlestick. The candle has been lit at least once, although I don't remember when, or if I have seen it at all. It is an old fashioned candle which fits the beast nicely. It is on display in the basement's living room, right were we play D&Dr, with other similar critters and ornaments. The gargoyle gives a nice bit of atmosphere to the place and the games and always fires up my imagination. I would like to see the candle lit once, but the surroundings in complete darkness, just to appreciate how the gargoyle looks in  the dim light. It must be quite eerie.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Cool gargoyle! I love gargoyles too! I would like to see this lit as well!