Saturday 3 February 2018

Hungry for fish&chips

I took this picture months ago in the nearest pub (or one of the nearest pubs) from our home. These were not the greatest fish and chips I had, but they were quite good and like I expect fish and chips to be in a pub, fatty, with some lemon, tartar sauce and mushy pea to give it a bit of... fruits and vegs? I am blogging about it today because it has been months since I did not eat good fish and chips and I am hungry for them. And it is most likely what I will have for lunch. We are meeting my wife's sister and her boyfriend today in another pub and unless there is something else that catches my attention, I will have fish and chips. Sometimes you just know what you want.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i really can't get good fish and chips here unless i make them myself. they use beer batter here and i find it far too think and greasy. i love good fish and chips though always with tartar sauce and malt vinegar! enjoy them if you get them!

PJ said...

Je n'en ai pas remangé depuis le Kingfisher à Keswick, qui sera dur à battre. Mettons que le poisson frit tout mou du Comptoir 21 n'a plus l'attrait qu'il pouvait avoir avant.

Rain said...

I LOVE fish and chips! The last time I went to a pub to eat that dish was in....2013 I believe. Both Alex and I got food poisoning, ugh! We can't even think of eating in restaurants anymore without worrying. But I do buy a good brand of battered haddock and we have our own fries, it's pretty good! I also make the tartar sauce, can't have fish and chips without it! :)