Saturday 24 February 2018

Trackers by Deon Meyer

I have read all but one Deon Meyer books and I will read his latest one as soon as I am in the mood for scifi. These days, I am reading crime fiction and thought I would recommend to my readers one of my favourite of Meyer's crime novels: Trackers. It is in fact three novels in one and has three protagonists, in three parallels stories that interlace to finally unite in one single plot as the novel goes on: bodyguard for hire Lemmer (his second appearance), Mat Joubert (former cop now private investigator, also his second appearance in Meyer's novels as a protagonist) and Mila Strachan, former housewife who walks out of an abusive relationship to stumble into an espionage plot by finding a new career. Because this is as much a spy novel as a crime one. My favourite part is still the one featuring Lemmer, as he is my favourite character. Cold, professional, principled, but with a chip on his shoulder and haunted by a troubled past, trouble goes after him and it makes for gripping drama and plenty of violence. This time, trouble takes the turn of a mission to smuggle two endangered rhinos, but nothing is as it seems. It turns out to be a bloody affair. I want to re-read every Meyer novels and Trackers most of all.

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