Tuesday 13 February 2018

Snarling wolves

I took this picture at the National Museum of Cardiff. It was one of the most impressive displays of stuffed animals in the museum, although maybe unfair to the wolves: they look nasty and aggressive, very much like the image we have of them in popular, the one of merciless predators, quick to anger. I love wolves, always loved them, and it is no surprise that I call my son Wolfie, little cub wolf and so on. Even when I was a child and I believed the many misconceptions about wolves, I was still fascinated by them. And even though these two wolves look like their monstrous caricature, they are still magnificent beasts.

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Rain said...

I think they are very misunderstood. We used to have wolves when I lived up near Tremblant and they were always very scared of humans and ran like lightening if we encountered them.