Sunday 18 February 2018

Miss Scarlet rolls first!

Once upon a time, my brothers and I used to play Clue/Cluedo every weekend afternoons, sometimes evenings too. It was, it is still, one of my favourite board games, the one crime fiction story that never disappointed, because the resolution was always different every time you played it. Playing between ourselves, we learned the rules in details. Playing with others, we discovered that nobody else had bothered reading the rules and were just playing using common rules from other board games. There is one in particular that is often disregarded: unlike other board games, where the one that makes the highest roll on the dice plays first, in Clue it is Miss Scarlett (or Scarlet, as the American version of the game spells her name) who makes the first move. Then Colonel Mustard, then whoever. Don't ask me why it is Miss Scarlett. Because lady's first, because she is also a femme fatale and the other women on the board rather plain looking, in any case this is something that must be respected.

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