Thursday 22 February 2018

An anarchist in the library

My wife and little Wolfie went to the local library two days ago, for a special storytelling activity for children. We want him to love books and know about them from a very early age and so far it has worked very well. Wolfie loves books, even my own and he loves spending time in the library. But the storytelling activity was meant for older children, or at least this is the impression my wife had, as our son quickly lost interest in the story told and started pulling books and DVDs off their shelves. He also tried to walk behind the counter. And he even had a partner in crime, another child a bit older than him, who decided to join in the fun. This anecdote has a few interesting points: 1)walking brings all sort of new excitements in parental life, 2)it may be wise that Wolfie does not go in nursery to stir trouble on a daily basis, and 3)our son truly is an agent of chaos, and he may grow up to be an intellectual anarchist.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's off to a good start!