Thursday 8 February 2018

The comfort of train stations

I took this picture at the National Railway Museum of York, my favourite museum in the whole world. it was one of the many leisure areas of the place, which were all more or less a reading area. I would have pretty much used them for reading, had I not been so busy visiting the museum. I wonder if it was meant to be like the railway stations of old. I love reading in trains, I love reading in train stations, but there are not so many these days with even moderately comfortable waiting rooms and I don't remember any with sofas in them! And this one even urges people to make ourselves comfortable. If I was living in York, this is where I would spend a lot of my free time: sitting in one of these sofas with a book (about trains of course), then after a few pages I would walk around the NRM. It's my idea of heaven.

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