Saturday, 17 August 2013

The burgers of L'Anecdote in Montreal

I don't want to blog too much about food on such short time period (last time was yesterday), but I have been wanting to plug this restaurant and its burgers for quite a while and I had promised to do so last time I plugged a restaurant/pub. Although I think I did plug the place before, I certainly mentioned it, this is the formal post about what is one of my favourite eating places in Montreal. Since Eurosnack closed down, it is where I usually go for my first meal in Montreal, sometimes for the last one the day before departure. I am talking about L'Anecdote (no website, this is the info you get on TripAdvisor), at the corner of Rachel and Saint-Hubert, at the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. It has a vintage American diner look, far from a rarity in Montreal, but L'Anecdote gets it right. It is there, but not too kitsch, and the appearance is not everything: there is quality food too, and especially. Everything I tried there is delicious, especially the burgers. I usually go for the Anecdote #4, which has deer meat and, instead of bacon, smoked bison on top. It just makes the experience very, very unique. There is a range of mayonnaise as well to go with the fries, I usually choose their curry-mayo. So here it is, in a nutshell. Go and try some.

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