Thursday, 8 August 2013

Early signs of autumn?

My fellow blogger Jaz from October Farm mentioned in one of her recent posts that autumn is settling in. It made me very thoughtful since I read this. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I do think I found some early signs of autumn. I know, it is still early August. But here they are:

-While it is usually hot enough during daytime, it cools down in the evening and in the morning it is cool too. Cool enough to be comfortable with a light jacket.
-At work, I saw in some of the maple trees nearby a few leafs reddening (or blushing, as I like to say).
-There is this cool wind outside sometimes. Not much of a change, but when it blows in the trees it creates such an autumnal atmosphere.


suzanne said...

No turning leaves here yet, but I am noticing a chill in the early morning air.

Gwen Buchanan said...

At least what you have saw was romantic...
I saw the worst thing ever... Christmas decorations at the end of an aisle in the supermarket, right next to the school supplies.. made me cringe.

The Gill-Man said...

No chill, just lots of heat here in Texas. Still, I am in the Autumnframe of mind, so I shall declare the Halloween pre-season officially in full swing!

Guillaume said...

@Halloween Spirit-Yes, I feel the chill every morning and evening. Sometimes in daytime too.
@Gwen-Oh this is awful! Christmas lights in August? What's wrong with people?
@The Gill-Man-I am getting in an auutmn mood too. I am bored by the crime fiction I am reading and eyeing my scary stories collection, which has grown a lot since last Halloween. I do think Halloween preparations start in August.