Saturday 24 August 2013

Eerie reads

As I mentioned on this post, I am getting in the mood for Halloween. There is an eerie feeling in the air since yesterday, something that came with the rain. I know summertime will come back again for at least one last blast, but it feels autumnal enough, so I am officially starting to read horror stories. I finished yesterday my last summertime book, and as I struggled to sleep last night I read a few pages of The Howling. I had seen the movie years ago and wanted to read the original. The movie I thought was quite a good chiller. As for the good, so far, so good. It is not great literature and I have seen better prose, in fact the style is a bit flat, but it is nevertheless an efficient 70s chiller. It has been (re)published by Books of the Dead Press. A few years ago I tried to find it on Amazon, and all I could find were old copies at prohibitive prices, so I am grateful for this publisher to make it available again at such a good price. The cover is also very nice.

I guess what got me curious about it, apart from the memory of the film, is that it is about werewolves. I am more into vampires (the old gothic kind) and I usually read a good deal of ghost stories when I read horror stories. Werewolves stories I very rarely read, last time I did was because I stumbled upon one. I wonder if werewolves stories are less common than vampire stories. In any case, I want to extend my knowledge of this horror archetype.


Mantan Calaveras said...

What? I read horror stories all year, ha ha!

You're never going to believe this, but a one-eyed black cat has started hanging out in our backyard.

My roommate Gary is calling her Wednesday.

Guillaume said...

I try to vary my reads and go from crime fiction to classics, to horror.

Cool about the one-eyed black cat. Is she very sociable? Odin is very much so.