Thursday, 1 August 2013

About my brother back from Sweden

My younger brother is back from his holiday trip in Sweden, which he took partly I think out of nostalgia (we visited Sweden as a family nearly twenty years ago), partly to see friends on the other sides of the Atlantic. He published this comment on his Facebook wall, which in itself is like a bunch of great unknown lines. I know I had promised to find other sources of great unknown lines than Facebook, but I could not ignore this one:

"10 Conclusions on boozecruising:
1- You can survive anything with alcohol.
2- Time is subjectiv, more so with alcohol.
3- Sleep is optional.
4- Good vodka is good. Who knew?
5- Estonians and Siberians make for the best latin dancers. Suck on that, latin girls.
6- Stockholm is a rich city.
7- Swedes are natural born hipsters.
8- Good coffee is rare in the north of Europe, but it can be found.
9- You will die if you try to outdrink a Finn.
10- You can survive anything with alcohol, except alcohol.

So here it is. Pure wisdom isn't it? I will write more about Sweden on this blog, so watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I once read that love is an accumulation. Wisdom is too and it seems your brother is accumulating wisdom in his own unique way...

Guillaume said...

In his own unique way, yes. I rarely heard that people drinking a lot acquire wisdom, but I know my bro would agree with you.