Monday, 5 August 2013

The apples are green

What I really mean to say is that the apples are still green. As you can see on the picture here. I took it yesterday in the garden of a nearby pub. It is a very bad photo from my mobile phone, but you can see apples, very green, so green in fact that they blur in the leafs. I had blogged last Friday about the harvest season that has started with the month of August. I should have added: that has just, barely started. These days it has not felt very summery, if it was not for the green leafs we'd think it is September already. It is not cold, but it is much cooler than it was. There is a certain autumnal feel to this beginning of August. It is fine by me: the heatwave had started to be a bit much and I find the temperature more bearable now. August is in many ways a transitionary month that can go either ways in terms of temperature. That said, we are not in autumn yet. Its quintessential, emblematic fruit, the apple, is not nearly ripe yet.

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