Friday 16 August 2013

Pollo alla milanese sandwich

Remember when I used to write about my Friday's sandwich treats? Well, for one blog post, I am reviving the tradition.Today at work, as I usually do every Friday, I went to the sandwich shop where the Italian guy works, to have my special Friday sandwich treat and speak Italian a bit. He was there, all friendly and chatty as usual. Now he greets me in Italian form the start, which is always a good sign. He then offered me something, again in Italian, I could hear pollo and milanese, and I said yes out of curiosity. I love being offered something special from the chef. Well, he is not exactly the chef, but as he is Italian and was speaking to me in Italian and was making a big deal about it, I knew I was getting the royal treatment.

And I did get the royal treatment. Through our conversation, a mix of English and Italian, I understood that the sandwich I had ordered was a polla alla milanese sandwich. Basically, it is, in a baguette, fried chicken in breadcrump, with melted mozzarella on top and mayonnaise with it. It was delicious. The guy (I need to find his name really) also explained to me that it was something his mum used to make for him when he was a child. He had prepared the chicken the night before, soaking it in herbs and what have you. Ironically enough, he is Sicilian. I wonder if next Friday he will try something special. I would be happy with the same thing, this is comfort food at its best.


Gwen Buchanan said...

You go to the best food shops. and describe it well too. Now I'm famished!! Can't wait till next week.

Guillaume said...

I am sorry if I got you hungry;-) Don't know what it will be next week. Or actually, I do have an idea.