Friday, 30 August 2013

The whole menu of Georges Steak House in Chicoutimi

As it is my new tradition, I am plugging a restaurant this Friday, and/or some of its menu, a restaurant I often mentioned in my French posts. Tonight, I am plugging maybe Chicoutimi's most important restaurant: Georges Steak House. Well, its proper, real name is Chez Georges, but since it opened up in 1960 the locals call it Georges Steak House and this is how I usually call it, or the Steak House, as if there was only one in the world. Because it is a steak house, although I usually have the chicken. Georges is the perfect restaurant for fatty, greasy food. You can find its menu here in PDF. You can also find it on the individual mats in the restaurant. There is no English version, not for now, but you don't need to know much French, or any at all, to understand the menu. Of course you can also read about it on TripAdvisor, but the reviews are rather mixed. Maybe you need to be from the place to understand the appeal. I have been to better restaurants, but when it comes to honest, simple cuisine, even though it may be somewhat bland in its simplicity, it is difficult to be better than Georges Steak House.

So if you ever visit Chicoutimi and are hungry (because you need to be hungry to eat at Chez Georges), what would I recommend there? Well, in short, everything. My youngest brother usually has a spaghetti meat sauce (basically spaghetti Bolognese), my other brother PJ has BBQ chicken breast I think, or something. We rarely change what we order. My parents are more adventurous. I remember sometimes years ago I used to order the Frankfurter sausage or the cocktail of shrimps as a starter. Not anymore, they are too filling. So for the last few years basically I have as a starter an Oriental salad (no idea why it is called Oriental), which is basically iceberg lettuce, one piece of tomato in a dressing that is mainly vinegar and salt. Then as a main meal, I have the chicken, coming with a thick BBQ sauce which is more a gravy, thick fries and coleslaw (!). Then for dessert, I have a slice of Graham cookies custard pie (the Graham cookies is of course the base). Little lesson of Saguenay measures: when it says one slice of pie, it really means one quarter of a pie. Last time I went there with my father, we were two on said slice/quarter and we couldn't finish it. I wrote a French post about it. I enjoyed a lot my last meal there, which was in February 2012 (so long already), but most of my enjoyment may have been pure nostalgia.


PJ said...

Côtelette de porc, c'est ce que je commandais plus récemment. Des T-bones aussi quand j'étais assez ado pour les manger au complet. Le poulet BBQ, ça fait un bail.

Guillaume said...

Ah tiens, ma mémoire était défaillante.

Cynthia said...

I'm so sad I did not get the time to go to Saguenay!