Tuesday, 19 March 2019


My in-laws have been in town for a few days, to see their grandson. Well, they have other things to do in England as well, including preparing their return here in a few months, but I think Wolfie is the reason why they came. It feels like it when they are around him anyway. And Wolfie was very happy to be with them. Especially his granddad, who might be at the moment is favourite family member. Not to take anything away to anyone else, I mean he is an affectionate boys and he loves every member of his family, but these days he is always eager to spend time with him. If Wolfie calls me "dadda woo", he calls his grandfather "daddad". For granddad. It made me a bit sad when he spent the afternoon with his grandparents recently and did not even seem to miss us when he got back. But it is nice to see him showing his toys to daddad, or laughing with daddad, or asking for daddad when daddad is not there. Wolfie behaves with his maternal grandfather like he found a partner in crime. Which might actually be the case.