Friday, 13 July 2018

Blonde Tickler has a boyfriend (!)

My wife learned it today from Blonde Tickler's mother: she has a boyfriend. I was expecting it to happen, sooner or later, but not so early. Not so long ago, she thought boys were gross. Anyway, here are the news I learned:

-The boyfriend looks a bit like her and is apparently quite geeky.
-Brunette Tickler is feeling abandoned.
-Blonde Tickler is finding it hard at school: she is being teased by other pupils who call her fat (she is a bit chubby), so I guess she finds comforting that a boy finds her attractive.
-We are not supposed to know. In fact only her mother is officially in the known.

Not sure what to think of it now. I am sad for Brunette Tickler as she must feel really alone. At 12, I find it very early for Blonde Tickler to have a boyfriend. Although he seems nice from what we have been told. But is it just me or are things happening way too fast?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think 12 is too young to have a boyfriend too, but then again, I'm an old stick-in-the-mud.