Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A haunted library

No, no, I am not being serious with my title, but I thought it would make for a good click bait. I was walking by our local library last Saturday with little Wolfie, it was late in the afternoon and it had closed down for the day. It just looked very, very empty, yet as if from the large windows someone or something was observing its surroundings. With the wind blowing and the clouds above, the building had an unsettling aura. In sum, it looked every bit like a haunted library. It is a small one, but there is definitely enough room for a ghost to dwell in. They don't need much space anyway. So I just thought about it looking at it and taking this picture. Soon enough, I will start reading horror stories to put myself in a Halloween mood. I read a few ghost stories set in libraries, but I think maybe I should work on my own ghost story, where this library is haunted.

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