Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Following the railway

When in doubt, blog about what you like. This is what I told myself after blogging my post from yesterday. And train travel is one of the things I love. Recently, I have been feeling a bit down and out, so I thought to get rid of this feeling of dread I need to think of things to look forward to, like my next holiday and our next train travel as a family. The latter might only happen when we are on holiday, or it may happen earlier (unlikely but not impossible). I love everything about train journeys, especially long ones done for leisure: the moment of excitement when you buy the tickets, the wait (as long as it is not too long), the time spent in watching the outside world or reading or talking. It is a bit more challenging traveling with Wolfie: he is scared of big trains coming and he can get restless in the train itself. But I think he already finds railway travels exciting.

And if you were wondering, I took this picture at the National Railway Museum in York, my favourite museum in the world.

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