Friday, 20 July 2018


I blogged about a week ago about the food festival that was in our local town. There were lots of stands selling lots of delicious stuff, including one selling baklavas. I have a soft spot for baklavas since I'm a little boy. I wanted to try everything Greek, being into mythology, I ate one of those (I think it was in Montreal), got hooked on it since. I rarely think of buying any, but I got really enthusiastic at the festival and had a box full of them, which I finished in about five days. Baklavas are one of these things I love about Greek culture, after its mythology (and I know it might not even be Greek, but I associate it with Greece). It's full of sugar and it has some nuts to make it healthy. Honest. Moral of the story: I have a sweet tooth.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

it has a lot of honey in it too. i've been making baklava since i was 13 years old. back then i had to make my own phyllo which is no easy task. now i can buy pre-made phyllo which makes making it a snap!