Sunday, 8 July 2018

Circe, the autobiography

As I have finally finished it, here is today's reading suggestion: Circe by Madeline Miller. An autobiography of the minor goddess and the world's first witch. Veggie Carrie bought it for me on my birthday. I rarely read a novel published in the year if it's not crime fiction but I've always been into Greek mythology. And I was pleasantly surprised with Circe. Modernisation of old myths often end up to be glorified fanfics, but this one has heart. Miller gave Greek gods and heroes character and complexity. I particularly liked her take on Hermes and Odysseus. Less so with Athena, but I am a big fan of the goddess and she is in this novel more antagonistic, so this is a completely subjective criticism. Inn any case, Miller understands the dubious moral nature of Greek mythology and does not fall into cheap Manichean narrative. And she also uses Greek names, not Roman ones. During a summer heatwave, you can't go wrong going Greek.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Miller understands the dubious moral nature of Greek mythology" -- yes, she does! Her portrayal of the ultimately self-serving nature of the divine is very interesting, I thought, and a refreshing take on how the relationship between gods and humans is usually portrayed. I'm glad you enjoyed this book too, and I really do recommend her first book, "The Song of Achilles." It is a masterpiece.