Saturday 26 May 2018

The absent Tickler

Today, we received the visit of Blonde Tickler and her mother, but Brunette Ticklers was not with them. It should not be a surprise: the Ticklers are not sisters, they are just very, very good friends and have been since their first day of primary school. I hope it stays that way. We have not seen them together in a while, even though they used to be inseparable. The mother of Blonde Tickler said that Brunette has not been very well, and maybe it is "something hormonal". I forget that at their age, they are now practically teenagers. Be that as it may, their relationship is apparently in a cooler phase recently, which both saddens and worries me a little bit. I said, half joking (but slightly worried): "Well, as long as they don't like the same boy, it should be all right." Blonde Tickler had a genuinely disgusted look which reassured me and made her mother laugh. At least she is not there yet. Anyway, I think what I said deserves to be a new great unknown line. I do hope we can see the Ticklers together soon, like they used to be.

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