Friday 4 May 2018


About a year ago, we were walking on the main street of our little town when we saw this tank. Apparently it is from a company that offer tank hires for special events the way others have limousines or horse carriages. For me, the tank is two things: 1)the armoured combat vehicle any land based army has or had and 2)the toys based on the armoured combat vehicle that so many of my friends had when I was growing up. The tank was that mysterious mean of transport with weapons which I found absolutely cool. In it, you were near invulnerable and near invincible. (And yes there was that movie which I was always curious about but never watched). It became one of the many elements of our make belief games. I find it a bit sad that it is now turned into a limo, but seeing one like this, even in a mundane setting, it fired u my imagination and brought back lots of memories.

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