Wednesday 30 May 2018

Dr No

As the 28th of May was the birthday of Ian Fleming I thought it was fitting to give one of his novels as reading suggestion for today. I chose Dr No. Again, the movie adaptation is more famous than the source material , but the novel stands perfectly on its own. In it, James Bond, having recovered from poisoning after the events of the previous novel, is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of the station agent and his secretary. He is quickly put on the trail of Dr Julius No, a Chinese-German living in the island of Crab Key. Dr No turns out to be on USSR's payroll (well of course), as well as a sadist researching on physical pain, eager to use Bond as a guinea pig. During the novel Bond has to face many physical dangers, among them No's henchmen, a centipede, a fake dragon and a true giant squid. The Bond girl of the novel is Honeychile Rider, or Honey Rider for short, innocent woman child, wild, whom James Bond meets as she rises from the sea like Venus. Eros, Thanatos, there is just so much to enjoy here.

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