Monday 21 May 2018

Tea on the train

To go to London on Friday, we took the train in Beaconsfield. It was the quickest route for us. One of the little pleasures I have when I travel by rail is to buy a a cup of tea in one of the station's cafés and sip it waiting for the train to come, then on the journey. The Beaconsfield railway station has only The Flying Bean Café to buy food, drinks and newspaper, but it's a lovely place, with friendly and quirky staff. I will blog about the place in the future. Suffice to say now that this is where I bought my wife a coffee and bought myself a cuppa of Assam, as I needed something strong to keep me alert. Waiting for the train, it struck us that holding mugs of hot beverages and a pushchair might not be the wisest thing to do, when we'd have to get on the train. Thankfully the step was not very steep so we got on without any issue. Wolfie got a bit scared of the trains that were going through the station at high speed without stopping, but otherwise he was not difficult. Nevertheless, this new experience of our life as parents taught us that for now on, we will buy the hot drinks on the train, not the station, unless we have a lot of time to wait. I shall still enjoy tea on the train.

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