Thursday, 19 April 2018

Tea and sea

Sometimes, things change so fast, I barely have time to follow. We are well into Spring and Summer is already being prepared. When it comes to my own little bit of consumerism, it means that David's Tea has released a new collection. A sea theme this year. Now as you know, I love their accessories, but of all their seasonal collections I prefer the autumn one (I never miss blogging about it, by the way). But I do love each and everyone of them and this year's sea life collection, of whatever its name, is a particularly nice one. Having tea by the sea to warm yourself up when a cool breeze or a cold wind is blowing, it kind of makes sense. Let's put it this way: tea and sea go together. I will miss this collection like all the others, but I wish I could buy one of these mugs as my tea mug for summertime.

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