Monday, 2 April 2018

D&Dr at Easter

Easter has come and gone and for some reason tonight it got me thinking about the times when we could play at Dungeons & Dragons regularly, my friends, brothers and I. Easter, like Christmas, allowed us to have a long break when we could play more often, but generally we did not play all that much then. I don't know if this was coincidence, but Easter was around the time when the latest important mission was finished and we were running out of adventure ideas, or at least had not build on the ideas we've had to prepare a new mission. So most of the gaming sessions we had around Easter consisted of our characters staying in one spot (an inn, a forest, a monastery) our traveling from point A to point B, waiting for something to happen. They were gaming sessions very light on stories, but full of atmosphere and gave us plenty of occasion for character development. And we prepared ourselves for future menaces. In a way, they were like this picture from Larry Elmore, called Hidden Danger: there was something foreboding about these times. I am generally not keen on warrior chicks in fantasy arts, but I like this one all right.

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