Friday, 27 April 2018

Guerilla Wolfie

My mother send us a package for her grandchild. There were clothes in it, lots of clothes. Some knitted things (see this post) and a new raincoat. You can see it on the picture here. And you can see a glimpse of Domino as well, because Wolfie is obsessed with cats in general and Domino in particular. But I want to blog about the raincoat, as it has an uncanny resemblance to an army camouflage coat. A bit more bright and blue, a bit trendier, but it still looks like camouflage. My mum not being into anything army related or anything remotely resembling manly aggressiveness, I wonder what made her choose this coat in particular. It does fit our son's boisterous temperament and it looks nice on him, so I guess that was the intention. But he looks like Guerilla Wolfie when he wears it.