Sunday, 29 April 2018

My new reading lamp

My wife bought me, at my suggestion, a little reading lamp for my birthday. I used to have one when I was a kid, a big clunky goose shaped one, with the head of the goose as the lampshade. I spent many nights reading under the blankets instead of sleeping (until I was caught by my parents). Maybe it is just me going again down nostalgia lane, anyway I thought it would be a very useful present, nothing fancy or particularly high-tech, just useful. So my wife bought me one, not goose shaped but sleep and black with a charger, the only true sign that the lamp is a XXIst century gadget,for when the battery runs out. It turns out the the lamp might be the most useful present I had in years. I have been using it to read in bed since then. It gives me juuust enough light to see clearly what is written on the page and it bothers nobody else in the bedroom. I don't read under the blankets anymore, otherwise reading in bed still has the same charm.

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