Monday, 23 April 2018

Saint George's Day!

Happy Saint George's Day everyone! I am writing this post the night before, in caseI cannot find time tomorrow. So no Google Doodle this time. I don't know who is the artist who made this gorgeous image, but I think it might be Alan Lee. In any case, it is fitting, full of action and the dragon seems terrifying, a force beyond nature. Saint George is not only a dragon slayer, he is also the patron saint of England. Given that my son is half-English and is growing up as an English boy, I intend to tell him of the legend and of this very special patron saint. It is quite rare indeed that you have one who killed a dragon and this is something to fire up a young child's imagination. Not that I want him to be overly patriotic or anything, but I think there is something quite fitting about having Saint George patron of Englishmen. And he is a legendary hero a young boy can look up to.

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