Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Traveling first class by train?

I took this picture at the National Railway Museum of York, maybe my favoruite museum in the world. I love everything train related and I am eager to go back on a train journey (see my recent post about it). Thinking about it, it struck me that I never travelled first class. Not by plane, not by boat, not even by train. Of course, first class on short journeys is borderline useless (fron what I saw of First Class wagons) and I wonder if it ever was as glamourous as it was used to be. Trains journeys are, generally speaking, already the most comfortable and pleasant ones. That said, part of me is wondering if we should not give First Class a try one day, for a very long journey, if we can afford it (fat chance).


Rain said...

I used to travel back and forth from Montreal to Toronto on Via Rail. ONCE...just once...I took the first class train ride and it was LOVELY...nobody next to me, lots of good food and drinks, little freebies...it's such a luxury but very expensive too!

PJ said...

La classe affaires sur Via peut être assez abordable des fois et l'alcool et la bouffe sont inclus, en plus des places plus spacieuses et souvent moins de monde dans le wagon. Tu ne fais pas la file avec le bétail non plus. À l'occasion, acheté longtemps d'avance ou avec des primes/points, ça vaut la peine.

J'aimerais bien voir cela en avion un jour, juste par curiosité.