Friday 6 April 2018

It's the scar

Some sad bit of news to start this post: I saw last weekend that the Action Men displayed in the window of the fancy clothes shop are gone. Already! I did not have time to take more snapshots. Now I must consider my next move carefully: to buy (and if so at what price? and where?) or not to buy these antiques of British childhood entertainment? In the meantime, I thought a lot about it and I think I know what I really like about them and make them stand out: it's the scar some of the Action Men sport on their cheek. It gives them this edge, this extra veneer of menace and mystery. Good guy or villain, a scar means business, especially if it is on his face. They know what danger is, they have faced it in the past, it nearly ended up badly and they have the scar to prove it. The scar is what makes the Action Man on this picture uber cool. It means he has a history.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Collectible toys like that probably cost a pretty penny, I would guess.