Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The (young) reader's corner

I blogged before about Catherine's Café in Wallingford. We rediscovered it recently and found new reasons to love it. Well, Wolfie did. He visited the place with his mummy and his grandparents, then with his mum and myself for my birthday. It turns out the café has a children friendly room, with a safety gate that prevent toddlers such as him to leave it unsupervised and with bookcases. Two bookcases: one with adult books, one with children books. Wolfie loves taking said book off the shelves (one of his favourite activities at home too) and just checking them. Of all the little pleasures life can give, there is one I particularly enjoy: reading in a café and going through the books available to the customers. I am so happy my son seems to be enjoying this already.

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