Sunday, 15 April 2018

We are going to a First Communion

A friend of my wife invited us to the First Communion of her daughter. That will be the first time we set up foot in a Catholic church since the... First Communion of a former work colleague of hers, who had invited us every friends and acquaintances she had. That was four years ago or so. I had then forgotten when was the last time before I had been in a church for a Catholic ceremony. I guess we do not participate in it, we just basically witness it, like everybody else, but as an apostate I always find a bit strange to see my former fellow Catholics. We are a family of godless heathens, my wife has been since childhood, in my case I had to go through a "deconversion" in my late teens that took a while to figure out. Now I am an outspoken atheist, but I will be on my best behavior on that day, or will do my best not to stir any controversy if anyone asks us any questions (they do sometimes).

It is nevertheless a bit strange: her friend knows I was baptized a Catholic, she thought Wolfie might thus become one, we explained (nicely) that we are not religious and have no intention to have him baptized anything. When he grows up, he can choose to follow whichever God he wants, or none. But I am a bit weary of these invitations to churches. My wife goes to a church group for babies and toddlers sometimes, to keep herself and our son busy, and the ladies there keep asking her whether Wolfie is a godly child (whatever that means) and compliment her on choosing such a Biblical name for him. Her friend adores Wolfie and I suspect she secretly hopes that I will change my mind and have our little cub werewolf baptized, and maybe go back to the flock as well, so we will all be in a state of grace. But anyway, it will give us something to do one weekend. And like I said I will be on my best behavior. Although I can never guarantee if Wolfie will be.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, what can I say except "have fun!" Hopefully, there'll be a lunch afterwards or something.