Friday 1 May 2015

May Day!

No, this is not a cry for help, I am not using the distress signal, which is written mayday anyway. I am only stating the obvious: we are the first of May. May Day is, however, the name given to a public holiday in Europe, on the first of this month. Not in the UK, however. Here it is is the first Monday of May. Which means that we are going to have a three days weekend. So May starts on a good note, on this aspect anyway. It has the same origins: a Pagan, primitive celebration of springtime. May is meant to be the month of blossom and when spring is in full force, or meant to be. Not so much today: it is downright gloomy. One may be tempted to cry mayday. Yes I know, I am using atrocious word plays.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

blessed beltane!

Nellie said...

We had a lovely first of May here! Just about perfect.