Friday 8 May 2015

Low-flying red kites

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, waiting for the train to go home after a day of work. You can see there is a bird on the picture: it is a red kite. I tried to take a better picture, I failed miserably. It was flying very low above the station, then turned to fly over the neighbourhood. Better luck next time I guess. I need to learn to use the camera on my phone better. Red kites are the avian neighbours in this part of England, as I mentioned last year. And they often fly low enough to be seen very well. It is always surreal, once you notice them, to have birds of prey just flying so near humans. We were going to see some friends last weekend and we saw a whole flock of them circling above a roundabout, all very low. If we had not been in a car in motion, I would have tried to take a few snapshots. So it is one of my aims for the upcoming months and weeks: take a good picture of a red kite.

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PJ said...

Pour prendre de bonnes photos, de vie sauvage en particulier, ça prend une bonne caméra avec un bon zoom. Sinon, même en étant bon photographe, la scène ne sortira pas comme il faut.