Sunday 24 May 2015

Lazy Sunday lunch

I was feeling very lazy today, as I had slept badly the night before. So I decided to have something quick and easy for lunch. And I mean ridiculously easy: fried eggs sandwiches with toasted English muffins. Even then I am a lousy cook: the yolks broke during frying. But it was delicious all the same. I rediscovered the dish at the wedding reception of a colleague a few years ago. That was what they were offering for late supper (of course we had not been invited to the big fancy dinner before). These eggs sandwiches or some bacon sandwiches. But I hate English bacon, so I went for this. I fell in love with it since then and I have this when I feel lazy at weekends.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

a staple of my formative years!

Anonymous said...

thats our go to meal very often as well!!!

Craig said...

I do like a fried egg sandwich. Comfort food at it's best!