Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Krav Maga Experience

I had my second Krav Maga class this evening. So let's start by the essential bit of news: I survived and I am in one piece. Which means that I can blog and blog about it. I also am in a better state. Yes, I am in pain, but not nearly as much. And, unlike last time, I did not nearly faint at the end of it. Because I did not push myself too hard (unlike last week). Also, because I drank throughout the class. Oh what a difference a bottle of water can make! Regarding the lesson itself, I will not say I am talented, far from it (any martial art is not a natural thing for me), but I see that I can learn and I am not completely hopeless. I enjoyed it far more, loved it and I am so glad I signed up for it.

And there are the little things peripheral to the course, which I am enjoying already. I got my free tshirt for instance, manufactured from KombatUK (military products) To be honest I think I look silly in military clothes. I mean, for those of you who saw me in picture or in person, try to imagine me with the Urban T-Shirt. I guess it was the first time I wore it, so it kind of felt strange. But I am not the only middle aged warrior in the group, so I don't stand out, except in my own eyes. Which leads me to the other peripheral thing I love about it: it gives me a modicum of social life. I don't have friends yet, they may never become more than acquaintances, but talking to new people from all walks of life is great. I want to write more about it. Right now, suffice to say that I enjoy talking to my new fellow middle aged warriors.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're doing well, old man.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness sakes alive, our only child took that class and no one messes around with her, she could topple them in a new York moment, that is where she leared this skill..We are jewish I pray for women and men to get this skill set, as no one can understand why people who live in Israel do not fear much, no they do not.!!!!!!! She met a young lady and was told by her to get this skill down and she signed up and did and no one gets crazy with her at all, we are thankful..Sounds like you are getting in great shape and no one will try anything with you at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip hip hoorah!

Guillaume said...

@Debra-Not that old and not that well... yet.
@Anonymous-Thank you for commenting! Not the first time I believe. Where did you find me? I am very curious about it. I don't know how skilled I will become, but it sure is both fun and useful.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on the internet and read it and enjoy it each day...The skill you speak of will bode well for your safety in your life..Our only child never fears anything, she travels the world for her job and is confident and happy, she is nearing 38 and most men treat her like the princess she is that is her name in Hebrew Sara only we do not have the h on the end..She is happy and contented and no one messes with her she has great instincts and if it smells like a duck and walks like a duck well look out people she will use that skill set she learned, in Israel women are actually safer than in the USA must be because of the population having to serve in their Israeli military whereby they teach them all about like skills. kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!!