Friday 29 May 2015

Michaela Strachan You Broke My Heart (When I Was 12)

There is no Springwatch tonight (booh, hiss!). It is a darn shame as there should be one episode every night of Spring, until Summer comes. Just like there should be one episode of Autumnwatch every night of Autumn. So well, instead of watching it, I am blogging and listening to an homage song by Scouting for Girls. Not an homage to the show, but one of the show's stars, and I am not talking about one of the critters. I am referring to Michaela Strachan,whose smile and shining personality makes for a good part of the show. Anyway, if I had been 12 watching her, I probably would have had a teenage crush on her. And there would have been nothing wrong with it: she is both a good role model for girls and a model for a boy. She has both beauty and brains and she also loves nature, so she has a good heart (and, my wife loves to remind me, she is also vegetarian). What's not to love about this woman? Anyway, this song is an homage to her, it is a very sweet one and pretty much the description of a teenage crush in a nutshell.

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