Saturday 23 May 2015

St-Viateur goes national

A bit of news from home: St-Viateur Bagel is going national. They were supposed to open more cafés/restaurants, but then they decided to switch to strict bagels production, but not, thankfully, industrialized one. And the café on Mont-Royal, where I first discovered them, will remain. Thankfully, as it is a benchmark on the Plateau and it has of course an important sentimental significance for me. So anyway, they are going national. I wish they could go international, so I could have them delivered here and be smug about what I consider the gastronomical pride of my city. And while I am happy for them and everything, they were already selling all around Canada and as I understood part of the US, so the next step, certainly, should be Europe and more precisely the UK, am I right? In our day and age, am I naive thinking there must be a way to produce and deliver fresh here? All the same: until then, I am proud of St-Viateur.

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Anonymous said...

hand made, !! that is reason to be proud, I would imagine the UK will be soon to receive,, maybe they would ship them frozen,